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dazzling lights

Our park is a mesmerizing wonderland filled with beautiful light sculptures, winding pathways, and illuminated trees. Prepare to be enchanted as you stroll through this enchanting display of lights.

All light attractions included to the entrance ticket price.

Kids Sledding in Snow

snow slide

Enjoy the thrill of our Snow Slide Race down a slide for an adrenaline rush, or take your time for a more relaxed ride. It's fun for all ages!

Included to the park entrance ticket price.

zorb ball



Take adventure to the next level with our Zorb and Pumper Balls. Climb inside these giant, inflatable spheres and bounce and roll your way through the snow. It's an exhilarating experience you won't want to miss.

Included to the park entrance ticket price.


build a snowman

Embrace your inner child and create a classic snowman. We provide all the materials you need to build your own frosty friend. It's a delightful activity for visitors of all ages.


Included to the park entrance ticket price. 

snacks and drinks

Food & drinks

Take a break from the excitement and refuel with some delightful snacks and hot beverages. Our park offers a selection of delicious bites and warm drinks to keep you energized as you explore the attractions.

Please note that food and drinks are not included to the entrance ticket price.

Gift Shop, carnival games



Our park offers a wide range of fun games, including ring tossing, tooth smashing, a lucky wheel and a thrilling slingshot challenge. All with a chance to win prices!

Basic adult entrance ticket includes 1 game ticket.

For additional game tickets you can purchase inside the park, 3€/ one ticket, 2 for 5€.


Image by Live Kaiah

mini snowmobiles

Give your little thrill-seekers an unforgettable adventure with our Mini Snowmobiles. These mini snowmobiles are designed for children aged 4 to 13. 

Basic entrance ticket includes 1 mini snowmobile


Please note that if you want ride more, there is a separate fee of 15€ per person for this experience.

Image by Maxim Shklyaev

ice skating

Lace up your skates and hit the ice on our skating rink. If you prefer to bring your own skates, feel free to do so. Our ice rink is open for free use, allowing you to glide gracefully and enjoy the icy fun at your own pace.

Skating rink opens during December.


get your tickets now

Once you've entered snowglow winterpark, stay as long as you like!

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