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Rovaniemi - City of friendly people

The construction of the SnowGlow Winterpark winter activity park has started at Rovaniemi Central Stadium. The opening will be celebrated on November 18, when the park decorated with the light statues will start operating for the first time. CEO Tian Zhang talks about the background of the park and his relationship with his hometown.

How did you end up in Rovaniemi?

- I have lived in Rovaniemi for 20 years. I came to study my master's degree at the University of Lapland, and when I arrived here for the first time, I immediately fell in love with this peaceful city. Rovaniemi is my second hometown, and I'm happy to live here.

Zhang particularly praises the friendliness, helpfulness and politeness of the locals.

- People really help each other. If you are in some kind of challenging situation, they will surely come to your aid. Cars stuck in the snow will be towed and tourists will be guided if they are lost. The people of Rovaniemi are friendly, and all these little details here make me really happy and grateful.

The idea of the winter park came about through practical experiences and years of reflection.

Public discussions to revitalize the city center finally made Tian take action. She has also received feedback directly from tourists.

- Many tourists have said that there is actually not much to do (in the city center). That gave rise to an idea and a desire to create something interesting for both locals and tourists.

Winterpark's CEO's vision is a park where people can have nice and fun memories with their loved ones.

- I have worked in tourism for years, and since I have also lived here for a very long time, I felt that Rovaniemi was missing something. I have also often walked around Keskuskentä and regretted that it is unused in winter. The location is great. Similar parks can also be found in other parts of the world, and Zhang put together different ideas according to what would suit Rovaniemi. Winter conditions have to be taken into account, but here the snow and the white milieu covered by it create just the right kind of winter magic.

When asked about the best aspects of winter, Zhang answers:

- Snow, cold and darkness!

Thanks to these, SnowGlow Winterpark offers a unique arctic winter park experience!

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