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Rovaniemi SnowGlow Winterpark

Where the dreams glow

open daily

We are thrilled to announce a spectacular addition to the Lapland region. This November 2023, Rovaniemi Central Stadium will become home to a winter wonderland, SnowGlow Winterpark.


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Once you've entered snowglow winterpark, stay as long as you like!



From thrilling outdoor adventures to family-friendly experiences, traditional Lapland treats to the latest in local cuisine to enchanting winter themed zones – there's something for everyone to enjoy. Embrace the magic of the season in style!


At the Rovaniemi Keskuskenttä,

Rovaniemi city center football stadium


Ruokasenkatu 96200, Rovaniemi


​Winter fun made easy! Our conveniently located park welcomes you to a world of togetherness. No need for long drives or complicated plans –just step into a winter wonderland right in your neighborhood.



Opening hours

8 Jan - 29 Feb 2024: 5pm - 9pm
1 Mar-10 Mar 2024: 5pm - 9pm



Our spectacular circus shows are here to whisk you away into a world of wonder and excitement.


You can catch our thrilling 30min outdoor performances everyday, with 2 shows daily except Mondays.

Holiday Snacks, food & drinks, activities in lapland

food & drinks

At our cozy haven, we offer an array of delightful food and drink options to satisfy your cravings.


Cold weather, hot cocoa – the perfect recipe for winter happiness.

Outdoor Ice Skating Rink


Step into a world of boundless excitement and adventure at our park. We offer a diverse range of attractions and activities.


Our park is a hub of excitement where interactive games, fortune wheels, snowy slide, and mini snowmobiles promise endless fun and adventure.

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